istanbul island

After we had made a good tour in Cappadocia, after breakfast the first morning was a nice organic again we have nevşehir airport by private car. We reached here we got back to our hotel here in Istanbul and Anadolu Jet. Istanbul We attended the last day island tour. 1.5 hours by ferry from Kabataş have made a very pleasant ferry ride. first we did a very nice tea accompanied throw to the rear wheel steamer in March of this trip and they were very pleasant to eat. Which it was a very nice scenery during your trip ferry ride. First, we have passed the Dolmabahce palace located in the throat and here are the Sultanahmet mosque in the incredible beauty and Topkapi palace garden extends them up the beach immediately in front of the palace more in the future if the magnificent architecture of the Hagia pamukkale tours Sophia. They had encountered the girl tower in the middle of the sea after a ferry ride and great.
First we had the most beautiful big island after the Burgas-legged Halki. We first approached us to an historic pier. There are square and islands here are very nice shops selling ice cream. Island forbidden to use any kind of motor vehicle motor vehicle is used only firefighters municipal police and ambulance. It is carried out with bike or horse-drawn carriages for transportation. When you walk on the right side if the island is very beautiful coastal walks make desirable here are a number of tea gardens. If the destination is on the left side where there are many fish restaurants by the sea. Here especially the very lively fish meal was very enjoyable with music chapter. if
For those who do not fish market on the island is amazingly delicious meatball There is the island’s history. Island is entered at every point in the sea and the islands are quite clean sea and yet very deep sea.