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Bursa as well as the depth of history that both the green and the green jungle are expressed as bursa. This is an old Ottoman state since it was first founded For years, this has made the city the capital ephesus tours of the Ottoman state. After Bursa, Edirne, Istanbul was the capital, and finally başkentiği continued. Istanbul After a trip to bursa can reach 4 hours. There are two kinds of transportation scholarship by ferry to reach the Yenikapı other first get here by bus. You can get a bus ticket istanbul largest bus terminal. There is always the metro and bus to go to the bus station. And can be reached from there by bus to the tro ley transportation eskihasar After the ferry to Yalova and Gemlik the green bursa can be accessed here.
Could be called the cultural capital of Bursa is a very important and very colorful. All are very popular in turkey and yogurt for the first time in conjunction with the Alexander kebab bursa and here were spread over all the turkey and the world. I do recommend eating Iskender kebab. Write a picnic and sightseeing uludağ all kinds of sports and activities. And in the most city ephesus tours popular ski resort in the winter uludağ and domestic and foreign place with many visitors. Very busy in the silk trade in Bursa and in this regard has made ​​quite a past date. içşiliği the first silk cocoons and silk items you can find and you can see at the inn. Available and the great mosque in Bursa a very special and beautiful mosque, the best example of Ottoman architecture and high building mimarilri doors are wide. the tile work and a great sprayer magnificent work of the ottoman