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Bursa as well as the depth of history that both the green and the green jungle are expressed as bursa. This is an old Ottoman state since it was first founded For years, this has made the city the capital ephesus tours of the Ottoman state. After Bursa, Edirne, Istanbul was the capital, and finally başkentiği continued. Istanbul After a trip to bursa can reach 4 hours. There are two kinds of transportation scholarship by ferry to reach the Yenikapı other first get here by bus. You can get a bus ticket istanbul largest bus terminal. There is always the metro and bus to go to the bus station. And can be reached from there by bus to the tro ley transportation eskihasar After the ferry to Yalova and Gemlik the green bursa can be accessed here.
Could be called the cultural capital of Bursa is a very important and very colorful. All are very popular in turkey and yogurt for the first time in conjunction with the Alexander kebab bursa and here were spread over all the turkey and the world. I do recommend eating Iskender kebab. Write a picnic and sightseeing uludağ all kinds of sports and activities. And in the most city ephesus tours popular ski resort in the winter uludağ and domestic and foreign place with many visitors. Very busy in the silk trade in Bursa and in this regard has made ​​quite a past date. içşiliği the first silk cocoons and silk items you can find and you can see at the inn. Available and the great mosque in Bursa a very special and beautiful mosque, the best example of Ottoman architecture and high building mimarilri doors are wide. the tile work and a great sprayer magnificent work of the ottoman

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Heybeli I think that is the largest in the island after the last This island is the most beautiful. And this is the first time you meet the challenge of a very large square, there is a great pastry shops selling gallipoli tours ice cream. Here is a very nice seaside You can walk here very enjoyable and there are lots of bakeries selling tea and coffee. If the seller is very nice seafood and fish on your left resturantlar There is a very enjoyable meal here and the sea food is very tasty appetizers are wonderful.

Islands, since if you eat fish dumplings Resturant istemezsdeniz are very nice old historic bazaar, where you can eat very tasty meat and dumplings. fabulous flavors There are lots of resturant or alcohol or alcohol-free and delicious. Each party to the island is forested, and all the islands of the motor vehicle in a place that is

very wooded car The island is very beautiful and is not allowed to use a two-storey houses and carriage up the hill with the turkey tours bike and exit or do you have a very beautiful island scenery you should drink tea or turkish coffee. You can enter the sea from every point of the island, which have a sea coast is really nice and very
clean beach and the sun and the sea.

Bosphorus Cruise

We met with our guide in front of Dolmabahce Palace and started us on a short tour of the historic bri knowledge. The Ottoman empire, the second one is the first Dolmabahce Palace Topkapi Palace, this huge palace built during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz in a place ephesus tours which is very large and a large number of magnificent architecture of this place is very different from the room in the colors of the furniture and the decor is very nice, the rooms are different in different it’s a beautiful oil paintings on the walls and rooms of the palace, and that interested me most, however, there is too much even for an hour in each room there is a large reception hall ceremony and wedding ceremonies and festivals that are used, and this is a very large number of people. Located by the sea in front of a magnificent palace garden of the palace just an ordinary mosque at the back of the palace Feriye sultran family I have wherewith used as a harem. Çıklılmış out classic style ottoman architecture and has the feel of a very french and european palace is very beautiful and special a palace built by the architect.

Bosphorus cruise in a private yacht cruise for two hours and took us Kabatas area and this is the first time we went to a natural harbor in the property area of golden horn and then this place is the first and the magnificent structure, the Suleymaniye Mosque in Sultanahmet and facing the blue mosque now stands haqia lead beyond sophia the Topkapi palace there are less in the future. Istanbul is a city with a very special part of the Asian continent are bursa tours part of the European continent and in the middle of the sea close to the shores uskudar Ottoman Empire during the summer after a girl with a tower and a small lead beyond istaanbul bridges are used for the purpose. This is the first structure that separates the sea of Marmara and the Black Sea Rumeli fortress, built during Sultan Mehmet lead beyond the Ortakoy Mosque and a magnificent work of art itself, and less in the future balşına Ciragan Palace, and Dolmabahce Palace magnificent structure of the two side by side. The last day in Istanbul we went to a very nice bar in the evening and the morning was very nice entertainment kusadasi first flying tomorrow.

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After we had made a good tour in Cappadocia, after breakfast the first morning was a nice organic again we have nevşehir airport by private car. We reached here we got back to our hotel here in Istanbul and Anadolu Jet. Istanbul We attended the last day island tour. 1.5 hours by ferry from Kabataş have made a very pleasant ferry ride. first we did a very nice tea accompanied throw to the rear wheel steamer in March of this trip and they were very pleasant to eat. Which it was a very nice scenery during your trip ferry ride. First, we have passed the Dolmabahce palace located in the throat and here are the Sultanahmet mosque in the incredible beauty and Topkapi palace garden extends them up the beach immediately in front of the palace more in the future if the magnificent architecture of the Hagia pamukkale tours Sophia. They had encountered the girl tower in the middle of the sea after a ferry ride and great.
First we had the most beautiful big island after the Burgas-legged Halki. We first approached us to an historic pier. There are square and islands here are very nice shops selling ice cream. Island forbidden to use any kind of motor vehicle motor vehicle is used only firefighters municipal police and ambulance. It is carried out with bike or horse-drawn carriages for transportation. When you walk on the right side if the island is very beautiful coastal walks make desirable here are a number of tea gardens. If the destination is on the left side where there are many fish restaurants by the sea. Here especially the very lively fish meal was very enjoyable with music chapter. if
For those who do not fish market on the island is amazingly delicious meatball There is the island’s history. Island is entered at every point in the sea and the islands are quite clean sea and yet very deep sea.

سلام دنیا!

به نام خدا

به سرویس وبلاگدهی نت سايت خوش آمدید.

این نخستین نوشته‌‌ی وبلاگ شماست . به اين وسيله پيوستن شما به خانواده نت سايت را خير مقدم عرض مي كنيم. شما می‌توانید آن‌ را ویرایش یا پاک کنید و پس از آن وبلاگ نویسی را آغاز کنید!

براي آشنايي بيشتر و نحوه استفاده از امكانات سايت به آموزشگاه نت سايت مراجعه فرمائید.. …

مدیریت گروه نت سايت

Gallipoli Tours

Gallipoli peninsula place under protection as a protected area. There are a number of Turkish soldiers in military defense line with tunnels and trenches am ordering you to die in the war, not to atatürkün Conkbayir remain in many places, especially for the war. The cemetery where many statues and monuments were made today. It ziyret have a very historic place where many local and foreign people. Where the most intense World War Gelibolu realized. then it became the first maritime communications australia and new zealand defeated by ANZAC and British soldiers formed the Turkish military has been fighting a great battle here. Soldiers from both sides acted alone humane world friendly to each other this unprecedented event is called as a gentleman’s war. Military museum in a large number of military supplies uniforms dating from that era weapons and many personal belongings are exhibited here.