gallipoli tours

Heybeli I think that is the largest in the island after the last This island is the most beautiful. And this is the first time you meet the challenge of a very large square, there is a great pastry shops selling gallipoli tours ice cream. Here is a very nice seaside You can walk here very enjoyable and there are lots of bakeries selling tea and coffee. If the seller is very nice seafood and fish on your left resturantlar There is a very enjoyable meal here and the sea food is very tasty appetizers are wonderful.

Islands, since if you eat fish dumplings Resturant istemezsdeniz are very nice old historic bazaar, where you can eat very tasty meat and dumplings. fabulous flavors There are lots of resturant or alcohol or alcohol-free and delicious. Each party to the island is forested, and all the islands of the motor vehicle in a place that is

very wooded car The island is very beautiful and is not allowed to use a two-storey houses and carriage up the hill with the turkey tours bike and exit or do you have a very beautiful island scenery you should drink tea or turkish coffee. You can enter the sea from every point of the island, which have a sea coast is really nice and very
clean beach and the sun and the sea.

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