Bosphorus Cruise

We met with our guide in front of Dolmabahce Palace and started us on a short tour of the historic bri knowledge. The Ottoman empire, the second one is the first Dolmabahce Palace Topkapi Palace, this huge palace built during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz in a place ephesus tours which is very large and a large number of magnificent architecture of this place is very different from the room in the colors of the furniture and the decor is very nice, the rooms are different in different it’s a beautiful oil paintings on the walls and rooms of the palace, and that interested me most, however, there is too much even for an hour in each room there is a large reception hall ceremony and wedding ceremonies and festivals that are used, and this is a very large number of people. Located by the sea in front of a magnificent palace garden of the palace just an ordinary mosque at the back of the palace Feriye sultran family I have wherewith used as a harem. Çıklılmış out classic style ottoman architecture and has the feel of a very french and european palace is very beautiful and special a palace built by the architect.

Bosphorus cruise in a private yacht cruise for two hours and took us Kabatas area and this is the first time we went to a natural harbor in the property area of golden horn and then this place is the first and the magnificent structure, the Suleymaniye Mosque in Sultanahmet and facing the blue mosque now stands haqia lead beyond sophia the Topkapi palace there are less in the future. Istanbul is a city with a very special part of the Asian continent are bursa tours part of the European continent and in the middle of the sea close to the shores uskudar Ottoman Empire during the summer after a girl with a tower and a small lead beyond istaanbul bridges are used for the purpose. This is the first structure that separates the sea of Marmara and the Black Sea Rumeli fortress, built during Sultan Mehmet lead beyond the Ortakoy Mosque and a magnificent work of art itself, and less in the future balşına Ciragan Palace, and Dolmabahce Palace magnificent structure of the two side by side. The last day in Istanbul we went to a very nice bar in the evening and the morning was very nice entertainment kusadasi first flying tomorrow.

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